International Day of Persons with Disabilities, December 3, 2014

  • Post published:8 January, 2015
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a walk was conducted in which many of women with disabilities participated with a zeal and zest. The people from all walks of life also admired this segment of the activity and encouraged National Forum of Women with disabilities on participation and efforts regarding the mainstreaming of women with disabilities.
Moreover, a special recommendation was accepted unanimously regarding the accessibility code to be included in constitutional setting and sent to the government of Punjab that it should be given a unique position in future action plan.

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International Day of persons with disability was celebrated on December 3rd , organized by UTHAN & National Forum of women with disabilities and facilitated by Miss Parveen Rajput.

Disability is not anyillness, it is a continues pain which is faced by a person in his whole life, what is disability?it is only better expressed by a person with disability. This day celebrated worldwide everywhere, to sensitized people that person with disability are also part of the society, they have equal rights to live with honor& proudness , but in some countries including Pakistan people think that person with disability is only a burden including their families.Disability is not an any mental problem, but its minor physical impairment in a normal person they can do anything properly, sometimes much better than physically fit person.SPO organized & celebrate international day of person with disability, I am glad to be part of this event,though this was not the first time that I participated in such event.

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